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What is Sagami

We create the delight of “Shoku (eating)” and “Shoku (working)” to serve for the local society.
~ Everything for people’s richness and smile ~

Kamada Toshiyuki - Chairman and CEO

Nice to meet you

Sagami was born in Nagoya in 1970. Many years have passed, but the recipe for our success has never changed: Soba, Udon, Nagoya-Meshi and lot of passion! Every meal is a combination of flavors in which tradition intertwines with innovation; every dish embraces the Japanese culture and new culinary trends; every bite tells an ancient story and gives a new experience, in a journey with a very good taste.

The taste of health

Soba is a food well known for its high health value and – not surprisingly – the average life expectancy of Japan is among the highest in the world! Sagami uses the “Manten-Kirari”, a variety of Soba rich in Rutin, which can also prevent heart disease, arteriosclerosis and hypertension. This is why we are “The Healthy-Menu Company” with a wide, healthy, Soba Menu. Are you ready to discover it?

Manten Kirari - Sagami
Sagami - Ristorante giapponese

Sagami worldwide

We were the one and only food service company in the Japanese pavilion of 2014 Football World Cup in Rio de Janeiro to serve Soba to the world’s VIP. We took part in the 2015 EXPO of Milan with great success. During the 2016 G7 in Japan, we served Soba, Tempura and Ise-Udon to international media journalists at the International Media Center.

Sagami - Ristorante giapponese
Sagami - Ristorante giapponese
Sagami - Ristorante giapponese